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Broken heart,
broken mime.


DUO Film follows the journey of two beautiful bleeding souls. Finding a way to communicate through the obstacle course of their barriers is the only way to prevent this trip turning into a disaster.

Did you know...

As different as we perceive ourselves to be,
we love, laugh, and cry the same.

- KARL E. LANDLER, Director.

A film on difference, tolerance, and loneliness.

Director's Statement.


When I first moved to the United States, I arrived with a dream. The American Dream.

This was before realizing that I had another kind of battle - establishing myself in a foreign country while barely speaking the language. I had never been on the other side. What a strange feeling.

I crossed the ocean to be the « leading man », the « action movie star », not considering for a single moment the complexity of being placed in a different culture. Yes - a different culture.

We eat the same food, wear the same clothes, watch the same movies and yet we are different.

DuO Film is a reflection of what I’ve been through, during those years, before I was able to understand and appreciate those differences. It was an acceptance that led to truly exploring the strength and the creative energy this country has to offer.

Marcel desperately wants to share his internal world. On the same note, Melanie, has locked herself out of hers, prefering to focus on the external. Both are frustrated with the lack of understanding of the other.

This joint journey allows for the realization that barriers, be it cultural or any other kind, are truly self imposed. Because as different as we perceive ourselves to be, at the core we are all human.

We love, laugh and cry the same.

Barriers, be it cultural or any other kind,
are self imposed.

The Cast.

Marem Hassler
Marem Hassler
as Melanie.
Karl E. Landler
Karl E. Landler
­as Marcel.
Danny Goler
Danny Goler
­as Vladiki.
Aurelie Meriel
Aurelie Meriel
as Elise.
Lada Nikolska
Lada Nikolska
as Katya.

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Marem HAssler -­ Melanie
Karl E. LAndler ­- Marcel
Danny Goler ­- Vladiki
Aurelie Meriel ­- Elise
Lada NikolskA -­ Katya

Written by

Marem HAssler
Karl E. LAndler


Kemi HernAndez
Andrea LAuren GoldmAn
Karl E. LAndler

Production Design

Marem HAssler

Co Producers

Franck IsAbel
Ching CAsAnovA TApiA
Thierry Perrini
Sylvain Franchet

Associate Producer

Lada NikolskA
Danny Goler
Travis OberlAnder

Camera operators

Travis OberlAnder
Lada NikolskA


Sylvain FrAnchet
Will Torbett

Trailer Editor

Ayasylla Ghosn

Sound Designer / ADR

Tony Crowe

Special Effects

Parker McCAbe


Vanessa Colombel
Jerimiah Morey

Poster Designer

Antoine ElizAbé


« Marcel's Theme »
Laurent GAnem
Music Composed and Performed by LG Clarinettes
Nicolas Naudet
« Compulsively Happy »
Writer/Composer - Roby MeolA, Marem HAssler
Performer - Marem HAssler
« She Is All I Am Not »
Writer/Composer - Roby MeolA, Marem HAssler
Performer - Marem HAssler
« In the Fog »
Composer / Performer - Armando Fernando Wehrli
« Winter Light »
Composer / Performer - Armando Fernando Wehrli
« Solution »
Composer / Performer - Armando Fernando Wehrli
« Je Mens Song »
Composer - Mark Weld

Special Thanks

Tini Furniture

Thank You

James GlAder, Brice PicArd, Briana FrApArt, Alexander AlexAndrov

Thank YOu, Las Vegas, for your hottest day in the desert!
Thank YOu, Los Angeles, for all your crazy people on Sunset Blvd.